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Let me help you unlock your manuscript's full potential and help you achieve your publishing goals.

“Maria is in a word, outstanding. Her comments and insights about the plot and characters are incredibly helpful. I wrote a trilogy and from book one, which she read several months ago, through book three, her suggestions for deepening the characters have been a tremendous help to making these stories much better than they might have been. I highly recommend her work.” Joanne Pence, USA Today Best-Selling Author

Editing is more than tracking down missing commas and spelling mistakes.

More than having a trained eye for detail, editing encompasses being able to step into the writer’s imagination and see the world as they see it.

Every writer is different, therefore every manuscript is different. At The Intuitive Desk, understanding the writer and their vision at an individual level is the most important part of editing. I walk alongside you, inside your creative world, not to try to help you fit into a mold but to help you make space in the world for your unique creation. Find Out More
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What I Offer

I offer services tailored to my client’s needs, ensuring swift flow of communication and thorough understanding of each individual project, with conscious consideration of the writer’s budget and time.

A second pair of eyes, before publishing, is instrumental to creating a book that will stand the test of time. Let’s work together to ensure your work stands its best chance.
Developmental Editing

The Plot Bunny (cousin to the Easter Bunny and ex-husband of the Tooth Fairy) has paid you a visit. You’ve got an idea that glitters like the sun in your mind’s eye, but it’s not translating on paper quite the same.

If there are issues of structure and style, I can help you put it all into perspective. I’ll help you figure out how to improve the pacing, dialogue and character development, keeping your target audience and choice themes in mind. There are no “bad” story ideas, only stories that need tough love and patience. Let’s have a chat and figure out how to best get your story flowing.
Line Editing

In any story, no matter the genre, it’s the words that matter. Nothing else. You can have the greatest story ever told, but if you don’t have the right words, then all you have is a weightless story idea.

That image in your mind has a verbal equal. My job is to measure and weigh your words for optimal meaning while maintaining your voice. Don’t settle for a narrative that vaguely projects your vision into the readers’ minds. Allow me to help you ensure every single word of your manuscript leaves the right impression in your readers’ hearts and minds.

Your manuscript is almost ready to go, but first you must dot your I’s and cross your T’s.

Giving your manuscript an in-depth sweep for errors in grammar, syntax, spelling, typos, formatting, inconsistencies, and redundancies is crucial. While line editing focuses on tone and voice, on the idea your words are trying to project to your audience, copyediting focuses on improving the clarity and flow of the words you’re using, along with finding other technical errors. Send me your manuscript, and I’ll be sure to catch all the discrepancies that a writer’s eyes, after infinite drafts, can no longer see.

You’re all set for publication, but there’s just one more step left: the final proof. Few things are more frustrating than finding typos and other mistakes on the finalized copy of your book.

You don’t have to live with that typo. Ensure that your final copy is free of errors by allowing me to give it one last inspection with my trained proofreader’s eye. I’ll find spelling, grammatical, syntax, and formatting errors that might take your reader out of their optimal reading experience.
Manuscript Evaluation/Assessment

So you’ve written your first story. Or your second. Or third. Either way, congratulations! You’ve achieved the eighth wonder of the world: completing a novel. Now, all you need, is to take it for a test run.

Send me your manuscript, and I’ll write you a critique on what I feel is working and what needs improvement. From concept to character development, to dialogue, to whether you’re capturing your reader’s attention from the start, find out what the kinks in your story are so you can polish it before sending it out into the world.

Interested? Let’s work together!


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