Copyediting, Developmental Editing and Proofreading Services.

Working with Maria was as if the universe had carefully taken notes on everything I dreamed of finding in an editor, and then pushed her into my path at exactly the right moment! I knew before she even returned a sample edit of my novel that she was my top choice.

I love how meticulous Maria was with all of her notes. We worked together through a manuscript evaluation as well as a line/copyedit, and whenever she suggested we alter something, she provided an explanation as to why she believed it to be the right choice. At the same time, she always maintained that my novel was my own, and we didn’t have to change anything if I wasn’t comfortable. But she always knew when to push me a bit further and in those instances, some of my best writing was brought forth.

I have said it before, and I will say it again and again to anyone who will listen: my novel wouldn’t be the magic it is had it not been for Maria’s methodical attention to detail and her gentle nudges throughout the process. I will forever trust my work in her hands.

— B.A. Franc, author of A Daisy in Lily’s Valley

Maria was wonderful to work with. Her feedback on my short stories were not only specific and thoughtful, but they were also encouraging. I appreciated her suggestions that still took my style and intention in mind. I would highly recommend her services!

— Alexandria Sese

Maria copy-edited my 100k words manuscript with a solid approach and meticulosity. I appreciated her work, and as an editor, I can say she is a professional. Highly recommended.

— Annina Vallarino

Superbly professional, Maria is a top-shelf beta reader and editor here on Fiverr. Her work demonstrates a solid grasp of the writing craft, and her commentary and review of my WIP novel will be uniquely beneficial to me when I begin the revision process. I’d recommend you grab a gig before she realizes just how good she is and raises her prices.

— Charles J. Musser

I am extremely impressed with this beta read. Maria included a report that captured some high-level issues with my work and details that needed tweaking, in addition to comments about where my writing was strong. I felt as if Maria spent significant time reading and thinking about my story, and then offered fantastic advice on how to improve. All the suggestions were expressed with compassion — so important for a starting writer. The feedback arrived early and I would absolutely recommend Maria as a beta reader.

— C.E. McCall

This was an outstanding service, it far exceeded my expectations. From the full report to the inline notes within the text, Maria showed that she has great attention to detail and took the time to read through my manuscript. Maria was extremely thorough and gave me sensational advice to improve my story. If you are looking for someone to beta read your manuscript, Maria is the person for the job.

— Luis Mejia

Maria is in a word, outstanding. Her comments and insights about the plot and characters are incredibly helpful. I wrote a trilogy and from book one, which she read several months ago, through book three, her suggestions for deepening the characters have been a tremendous help to making these stories much better than they might have been. I highly recommend her work.

— Joanne Pence, USA TODAY Best-selling Author

She did exactly what she advertised. It was obvious she did a very slow, detailed read of my book and provided very comprehensive report, complete with descriptive margin notes. She even caught the typos/misspelling/misplaced words. I will definitely be revising this work based upon her recommendations and run it by her again.

— Patrick Black

I am absolutely bowled over with pleasure, surprise, and gratitude with the effort Maria put into my order. I really don’t think I could have asked for any more. She has a critical eye and a kind tongue, which makes her beta-reading both enjoyable and – perhaps more importantly – useful to read. I couldn’t recommend her more, thank you. Use her services!

— Spencer

I am not a fan of paying beta readers to read. I do need feedback quickly, however, so I came to Fiverr. I’ve had bad and mediocre results till now. This seller is also an editor. I cannot speak on her editing as I’ve never hired her for such services. She did go through my manuscript and point out inconsistencies VERY well. And although I did not hire her for proofreading, she did highlight some misused words that I’d overlooked that could have been pretty embarrassing on my part. Her full reading (not skimming, but ACTUAL THOROUGH READING) & inline comments were invaluable. I’d say this was less of a beta reading and more of a manuscript assessment. I’m very happy with my purchase.

— Ashlyn Forge

Maria communicated well and delivered ahead of the due date. She provided many detailed observations to the manuscript and challenged me on a few issues regarding clarity and pacing which were very helpful. Thanks!

— Erin Brockus

I sent Maria a manuscript that I knew had problems, but couldn’t identify on my own. Her feedback was excellent and zeroed in on all those things that I couldn’t see for myself, which is EXACTLY what I needed a beta reader to do. Would highly recommend.

— Melissa Janisin