Copyediting, Developmental Editing and Proofreading Services.

General Editing Price Sheet

Editing Service TypePricing per Word
Developmental EditingUS$0.018/word
Manuscript Evaluation (Assessment/Critique)US$0.01/word*
Line Editing US$0.02/word
PACKAGE: Line Editing & CopyeditingUS$0.03/word
PACKAGE: Developmental Editing, Line Editing & CopyeditingUS$0.045/word
PACKAGE: Manuscript Evaluation, Line Editing & CopyeditingUS$0.04/word
Custom pricing is available for combinations of editing depending on unique requests and author needs.

What You Get

Developmental Editing

You receive a full editorial report breaking down and analyzing your manuscript in all areas. You also receive an annotated copy of your manuscript, highlighting areas with inline comments with suggestions for improvements.

Manuscript Evaluation (Assessment/Critique)

You receive a report assessing the general feel of your story, depicting what works, and giving suggestions on areas that may need improvement.

Line Editing

You receive an annotated copy of your manuscript with inline comments, highlighting areas where the language of your story may need improvement for clarity and poignancy.


You receive an annotated copy of your manuscript with inline comments highlighting errors in grammar, syntax, and typos. Queries will also be made in areas showing inconsistencies, lack of clarity, and redundancies, as well as any other errors spotted. You also receive a style sheet with all the necessary information to pass on to your proofreader.


You receive an annotated copy of your manuscript with inline comments highlighting any errors (grammar, syntax, typos, formatting) left on the manuscript before sending it off to publish.

Other Information

  • Short stories, novellas & novel-length manuscripts are accepted.
  • While these rates are based on stand-alone services, they can be adjusted when purchasing a combination of packages. Please email me so we can better discuss the pricing for your particular project.
  • A deposit of 50% of the final cost will be required before commencing work on projects over 30k words.
  • Payments by milestones are available. Feel free to email me so we can discuss what plan works best for you.
  • * Manuscript Evaluation and projects under 30k words must be paid in full before commencing work on the project.
  • * The minimum charge for a manuscript evaluation is 20$ for short stories. (As of 5/1/2022)
  • All manuscripts are accepted in Microsoft Word or PDF. Files in Google Docs will have to be converted before sending.
  • Some genres are excluded.
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