Month: June 2024

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What is Subtext and Why is it Important to Your Story?

Show, don’t tell is an important piece of advice when writing. But did you know that subtext is almost as important when trying to create rich stories that resonate on a soul level with readers? Read on to learn why subtext is an important and integral part of the craft of writing.

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What’s the Difference Between a Beta Read and a Manuscript Critique

Some authors believe that a beta read can take the place of professional editing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Find out how a beta read and a manuscript critique differ and why the former cannot replace the latter.

white room syndrome

White Room Syndrome: Building Setting and Description in Your Story

We all do it. I know I do. And once I explain what it is, you’ll probably realize you do it, too. It usually goes a little like this: Character A and Character B are having a heated discussion. The dialogue is sharp, piercing. Their expressions and physical language are poignant. The prose that holds…
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